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31-Dec-2017 05:19

At first, he found himself struggling to find work, appearing in off-Broadway plays. He and co-star Johnny Galecki, Sheldon's roommate Leonard, had great comic chemistry from the start, playing friends and sometimes clashing scientists.

Since its premiere, has grown to become one of TV's most popular sitcoms.

Parsons has done a brilliant job of handling the difficult scientific and technical jargon used on the show.

His compelling and convincing portrayal of a quirky boy genius has some fans wondering if Parsons shares a similar IQ as his character.

Cuoco and Sweeting broke up last month after less than two years of marriage.

Sources say the couple’s lifestyle differences and Sweeting’s alleged pill addiction contributed to the breakup.

"People always want to know if I'm as smart as Sheldon," Parsons explained to the , beating out such established stars as Steve Carell and Alec Baldwin to win one of TV's top honors.