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Her father, Lawrence Herman Elder, was an oilman, and the family was what used to be called well-to-do. But that didn’t seem to make much of an impression on me, because my grandfather and grandmother were with us all the time,” she said, putting a characteristically positive spin on things. Now, the women’s editor of the paper was invited to a press reception in Washington, and Jack Kennedy was there.

“I was Miss Popularity in high school,” she added, bursting into a laugh that sparkled like Baccarat crystal. She introduced herself to him as the women’s editor of the . ’ Just like that, no ‘Good afternoon’ or ‘Good evening.’ She was startled.

Wearing a blush voile jacket over blush silk evening pants, her blond curls as bouffant as ever, she responded to our congratulatory toasts by announcing, “I look in the mirror every morning, and I say to myself, ‘Aileen, you are a very lucky woman. And you’ve only had one face-lift—15 years ago.’ ”Over the decades, she was photographed by a slew of the world’s greatest photographers, including Cecil Beaton, Norman Parkinson, Scavullo, Skrebneski, Hiro, Bert Stern, and Bill King, often flashing what has been called her million-dollar smile. People respected her a great deal for her career—and they trusted her.” Or, as she put it in a lecture she gave in 1978 at the Society of the Four Arts, in Palm Beach, having been introduced by Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

Just a few years ago, the writer Christopher Buckley told centerfolds included.” (When he was 15, she turned 50.) Fortunately, along with the looks and the sex appeal came a brain and a sense of humor. Buckley Jr., the intellectual high priest of the American conservative movement, insisted that Aileen be seated next to him at every dinner party and charity ball his wife, Pat, hosted, because she was so smart and amusing. and with Rose Kennedy sitting in the front row, “Being a bitch in print is the easiest thing in the world.

And wherever she went she came home with major scoops—Stavros Niarchos’s marriage to his late wife’s sister, Tina Onassis, the married Mercedes Kellogg’s affair with the married Sid Bass—and amusing inside tidbits.

“Crown Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands and her father, Prince Bernhard, dined at Voisin.

“I went to the University of California at Santa Barbara, and that was another wonderful time for me. “The fleet was in, and it was very glamorous—all the boys who had just graduated from Annapolis were everywhere. She told him, ‘Well, sir, we keep Suzy a secret.’ And Jack Kennedy said, ‘Well, when you get back to Miami, will you tell Suzy I got my pants pressed.’ Even Joe Kennedy was trying to find out who Suzy was.”Her cover was exposed, she said, “when some nosy person at the newspaper went to the accountant and asked, ‘Are you making out paychecks to anyone new?

Never missed a party, never missed a dance, never missed fun. I must have gone out with six or seven ensigns or lieutenants junior grade.” In June 1939, at 21, and against her mother’s advice, she married Roger W. ’ And the dumb accountant said, ‘Well, let’s see—Aileen Mehle.’ The jig was up.” Much to her surprise, not only were her socialite friends upset, they became instant sources.

The Hearst newspaper syndicate had already owned the name Cholly Knickerbocker when Maury Henry Biddle Paul, a Social Register bon vivant from Philadelphia, started writing the column, in 1919. In the fall of 1963, the city’s seven daily newspapers were still reeling from the calamitous New York newspaper strike, which had dragged on for 114 days from the previous December to March.

”A month after the wedding, he began flight training in Pensacola, Florida. ” At the Battle of Midway, in 1942, Ensign Mehle shot down his fifth enemy aircraft, making him one of the navy’s first combat aces of World War II. And Lorelle Hearst,” she noted, referring to the wife of William Randolph Hearst Jr. And the reason it ended was he had a spasm or something like that in front of me, from drinking too much.” Then there was his jealous streak. One day Ken is in Tegucigalpa or somewhere, and a friend invites me to her dinner party.

“Then he went off to war in the Pacific,” she recalled. (He would eventually become a rear admiral.) Their son, Roger junior, was born three days after Christmas 1941, and a few years later Aileen, her mother, and the little boy settled in Miami. “Glamorous, glamorous, glamorous.”There was a new suitor too: Wooly Donahue, of Park Avenue, Palm Beach, Newport, and Long Island, where he hosted weekend duck shoots at his lavish estate near Riverhead. good-looking and 26—a ‘catch’ to every debutante and designing chorus girl in town.” His mother, Jessie Woolworth Donahue, was described as “co-heiress to the ,000,000 Woolworth fortune.” His notorious younger brother, Jimmy Donahue, was rumored to be the lover of the Duchess of Windsor, or of the Duke, or of both. “Wooly used to have a cane with a sword in it,” Aileen recalled. No woman writes like that,’ throwing them off track. And this man—this seems to be the story of my life—came over and sat down next to me. I’m now married and have children.’“About a year later, I’m getting divorced.

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One of the biggest collections of fuck videos where you can see women having the speculum in their wet pussies.“The night before I married Ken, I had a date with Wooly. I just wanted to show you that this little butterfly can write a column. I know everything that’s going on in Miami and Palm Beach—I’m in the middle of all of it—and they’ll all hate me! Your column is just wonderful.’ And Walter Winchell said—this is the shocker of all time—‘Never mind her.