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09-Jan-2018 23:28

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Unless, of course you sit at your computer all day and have your pure chat window open, you must be singed in, but even then, the chat box only accepts email even if you are set to be available for chat... Find a better app for this purpose, I bet they are out there...

You can generate Live Chat Widget html code and embed it right next to your live video streaming player.

Adding Live Chat to your Shopify Site has never been so easy, and for the first time, the best live chat tool is now 100% Free for Unlimited Users/Operators and Unlimited Chats! I going to be looking for a replacement as this has been a waste of time due to the personalized efforts I have completed before seeing this app DOES NOT WORK!

I've used a few other live chat apps before, but I am very impressed! I love that you can schedule your available times, its mobile compatible, you can view all chat transcripts, add staff members....highly recommend!!! OMG, I couldn't tell you how many apps I have been through looking for something that actually works. I also turn "active" on, but if you select the chat icon prompts by showing I am not available (and I am) and it will send an email.

Join the chat from the broadcast panel to get administrator rights for the chat.We tried a bunch of support chat apps and eventually installed this one. We had two issues and both were resolved within an hour by support. It has resulted in improved conversions and we continue to see improvements each week we use it.doesn't work well... also it seams to have disabled some other apps such as the pop up window.has tons of glitches :( once we had 15 chats, including a few tests! Free version does not work if you have multiple stores... Second feedback (3*) Below you can read our first feedback.Taking time and revising it to 3 stars, because once we left the first feedback, a stream of emails from Pure Chat support came in... Pure Chat PRO adds Realtime Analytics, Visitor Tracking and More, and has a monthly fee.

even some answers, but our issue is we have 2 stores and although 2 stores can be managed in one account (there is no distinction between the two) without having to keep one unavailable and one available for chat because we have to be signed in to accept chats, but only for something like / month and we are not ready to commit - so after they got back to us at least we figured out that I had to be signed in.

Visitors who are invited to chat and have a satisfactory response from the agent, will be more likely to become customers and refer other people to your site.