Diablo 3 launcher not updating

16-Dec-2017 03:49

')\n\n$(eval_gettext 'Continue by starting the Blizzard app, logging in and installing the Diablo III game files.')\n\n$(eval_gettext 'The App may complain of Windows XP compatibility, just click ok, it shouldnt bother you again.')\n\n$(eval_gettext 'Enjoy!

')" POL_Setup Window_Close exit 0 \ No newline at end of file #!

This replaces the launcher for all Blizzard games, and works similar to the older launchers, with background updates, repair tool, and more.

Unexpectedly in mid-May 2017, Blizzard announced they would be hosting Bungie's Destiny 2 in the desktop app (Windows-only).

wine.2.5-staging: mouse seems to be working fine however holding button doesnt work sometimes, looks like every second click works with holding. @@ -89,7 89,7 @@ POL_Debug_Message "Install Completed ----------------------------" -POL_Setup Window_message "$(eval_gettext 'Blizzard application Installation Complete')\n\n$(eval_gettext 'IMPORTANT: Login to the Blizzard app by using the email and password entries near the bottom of the login window, not the nice looking ones near the top.

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For example if it appears not to continue at the Installation Location window, wait a couple minutes and try clicking the Continue button again.')" POL_Setup Window_message "$(eval_gettext 'NOTICE: This will install the Blizzard application first and configure the settings for Diablo 3.')" POL_Debug_Message "Downloading Install File -------------" cd "$POL_System_Tmp Dir" @@ -65,7 73,7 @@ POL_Wine_Prefix Create "$WORKING_WINE_VERSION" POL_Debug_Message "Setting Wine Variables -----------------------" -Set_OS "win10" Set_OS "winxp" # Updated Overrides, many of wine's dlls are up to spec now and diablo has even removed some of their own.

Blizzard is an online gaming platform operated by Blizzard Entertainment.