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10-Jul-2017 20:07

According to Adam Lyons, these controversial seduction techniques were shared to him by Vlad, a fugitive and spy, when he visited Europe.

Adam says he just fine-tuned them, so they can be easily used by regular guys, and then arranged everything into a step-by-step system that his practical and easy to follow.

He has also received a string of awards within the seduction and pickup artist community, and he has been in the industry for approximately ten years.

This simply means that when purchasing the Obsession Formula System you can be sure that you get powerful advice from a real expert and not one of those “so called gurus”.

He’s fully recognized by his peers as an expert in the field, as evidenced by the awards he received.

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These bonus items are the following: * Hookup Handbook e Book * Tinder Secrets e Book * The Secret Attraction Formula e Book * Only You e Book * Friend Zone to Sex Zone e Book * Facebook Seduction Sniper Sequence e Book * The Art of Speaking Womanese e Book * Text Game Mastery e Book X-Ray Vision e Book * Free access to Adam’s “NSFW” Advanced Coaching Program for 14 days…

Surrounded by their students, Amanda Lyons with her husband Adam Lyons, during a workshop for men to whom they teach how to get a date.

They give a lecture to the participants about how to practice "question-asking" skills. Saturday February 6, 2010 less Surrounded by their students, Amanda Lyons with her husband Adam Lyons, during a workshop for men to whom they teach how to get a date.

The last time we checked, Adam added more spots for new students, however we can’t say for sure if he won’t close it again in the future…

Overall, we highly believe “The Obsession Formula” is the answer average guys, perhaps like you, are looking for in order to get almost any woman they lay their eyes on.Adam Lyons says he wants to make sure that his students don’t abuse his obsession techniques, which can really ruin a woman’s life if they fell in the wrong hands.

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