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16-Oct-2017 22:11

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” Several minutes later, Taiwan singer-actress Rainie Yang(Yang Chenglin) reposted Cheng’s blog, saying ”I was nearly sick for having kept the secret for so long. ” Hong Kong singer-actor Daniel Chan (Chen Xiaodong) posted Lin’s wedding invitation card early this morning and wishes Lin a happy marriage.Lin herself uploaded four pictures in her micro-blog, attached with the words “It’s time to say goodbye to the past” as if indicating her new role as a wife.I haven’t seen Ariel Lin in public for the last few months, which makes sense since she’s filming a TW-drama only, unlike her good friend Rainie Yang who is also filming a drama but is doubly busy out promoting her new album and supporting a rock star boyfriend in concert.But quantity can’t hold a candle to quality and Ariel hits it out of the park in her weekend appearance at the Boucheron event in Taipei, leaving her gorgeous neck, shoulders, and clavicle free to model the jewelry brand’s jaw dropping baubles. it so good that they're both in AVEX Thanks Keaw for bringing such a wonderful goodie. i'm so happy that these two have so many interactions even though they don't have any drama together as of now. LOL..LFE.girl would take the of them ever being close or spending time together..he developed a nice friendship with Peibei, the one who plays Flora, who openly admits that she is in a he is on his next series that doesn't appear to have that much love angle since it's not an idol series..I love it... I do hope for any collaboration form Joe and Ariel, either through music or a drama. I also miss them..excited to see their new projects so they can collaborate real soon. And Joe is on his second series after LOB shooting "Channel X" now..he has not been linked with Li Fei Er his co-star in TLC..if LFE said she took the role because she found out that she would have a kiss scene with Joe.. Well, you are right about the linking together.has been, what, six -seven years now since ISWAK..they are still being linked.

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