Are erin karpluk and adam fergus dating

30-Aug-2017 12:52

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Last Tuesday, hit Canadian series Being Erica returned to take us on another great journey, and on Thursday, CBC celebrated the kickoff to Culture Days in Toronto, where I had the chance to chat with the stars of this brilliant series – Erin Karpluk (Erica), Michael Riley (Dr.

You have her work life with Julianne and Brent, you have her relationship with her family, and her friends Judith and Jenny.

What’s nice about the third season is we go back again.

Erica saved my ass last season, and did a lot of good things for me. Will Erica’s family play a large role in this season?

Julianne also got her heart broken, which, as every girl knows, it changes you. Erin: “One thing I love about this show is we go around all the spheres of Erica’s life, and time travel is just a bonus.

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We can go over and spend time with just Samantha and Lenin, and that’s an interesting life right there.” Reagan: “I always feel like our storylines are so much their own entity, it’s almost like its own show to me, and I love the enigmatic feel to it.Tom, but she also shares her experience with people she can relate to because of what she’s been through. In short, the inclusion of a group therapy makes the show more diverse especially because of the character of Adam (Adam Fergus) who challenges her more than Erica has ever been challenged. Tom allow Erica to help another patient by herself even though Erica is not in the third phase [Note: This means becoming a doctor] of the therapy?